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Where Should You Rent Wedding Car?

Not sure where you should rent your wedding transportation services from? Here's a list of 5 tips to help you choose the right wedding car business.


1. Choose A Local Company
You need to make sure that everything runs smoothly on your special day, after all that's why you choose an experienced chauffeur business. So when booking your wedding chauffeur, make sure that you choose a local company. Whilst there are many national providers of chauffeur services, local drivers have unrivalled experience when it comes to driving on local roads. They'll be aware of local traffic hazards, such as ongoing road works, and if any surprise incidents occur, the chances are local drivers will know of alternative routes. Routes which, national providers may not be aware of.

2. Does Their Fleet Include The Styles You Enjoy?
What is “the best wedding car"? The short answer is 'the one that's right for you'. If you're searching for stylish, modern designs that pairs superbly with modern formal attire, we highly recommend vehicles such as the BMW 7 Series or the Mercedes E Class, both of which you can find in the LC Wedding fleet of vehicles. In addition to their style, they have a plethora of features, which we believe gives them the edge over alternative methods of transport. For example, old fashioned vehicles or horse and carriages do indeed have their own appeal, however if you choose one of these transportation methods, it's unlikely to be equipped with many of the technological advancements which many of us have grown accustomed to, such as air conditioning or heating. You don't want to spend hours getting your makeup perfect, only for a hot and humid summer morning journey to ruin it.


3. Check Reviews
Being local and having a good selection of vehicles isn't the only thing you need to check before you hire a wedding chauffeur. It's also important that you check the reputation of any business before you hire them. So make sure that you read lots of reviews about any business you are considering in order to make an informed decision.

After all, we've all heard horror stories about people's wedding s being ruining by issues ranging from small mishaps to large catastrophes. The internet is swimming with these nightmare inducing tales. For example, a couple in Derby claimed that local taxi firm spoiled their wedding . They thought a luxurious car decorated in ribbons would drive the groom to the ceremony venue; however according to the couple, the car appeared with no wedding decorations, instead there were magnetic advertisements of the taxi brand attached to the doors. To make things worse, according to the couple, the taxi was late and as such the groom arrived at the church at the same time as the bridesmaids.

4. Be Vigilant For Hidden Costs
We recommend that you only choose wedding car hire from reputable wedding transportation business who explains all the costs upfront, giving you an 'all in' charge that includes everything you want with no hidden fees. After all, wedding costs can quickly add up, so you need to keep an eye on how much you're spending and where you're spending it.

Here at LC Weddings, we understand the importance of cost transparency. That's why we're honest and upfront with how much our services cost. With us, there are no hidden charges. For example, sometimes car decorations or car dressing could carry an additional cost, whereas with LC Weddings, our team will be happy to decorate the vehicle with ribbons in colours of your choice at no additional cost.


5. Don't Wait Too Long, But Don't Rush
It is very important that you organise your wedding transportation as soon as possible, after all, it would be a shame if you found the perfect wedding chauffeur company, only to find that they are fully booked on your wedding day. However, it is equally important not to rush into a decision, after all this is the happiest day of your life and you only have one wedding, so you need to make sure that you choose right.

So, with both those points in mind, consider the wedding chauffeur companies local to your wedding venue; look at the unique things each business brings to the table and then after a discussion with your partner, make an informed decision and book as early as possible.

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