It's the happiest day of your life, so you want everything to be perfect. From the venue, to the songs and photography, to your wedding transport.

So make sure you choose a skilled professional. You wouldn't choose an amateur photographer, and you wouldn't dream of having your first dance to music played by inexperienced musicians, so make sure you choose a reliable and trustworthy chauffeur business to provide your wedding cars in Berkshire, such as LC Weddings.

5 Wedding Themes For Summer

Need some inspiration for your summer wedding? Don't worry here's a quick list of 5 themes to give you some food for thought.

  • Mother Nature.
    During summertime there is a lot of beauty to be found in nature, so why not enlist a helping hand from Mother Nature during your wedding. By basing the colour scheme from summer blooming flowers such as Hydrangea,you can enjoy a wide range of different pastel shades of blues and purples;perhaps even contrasting the colour with yellows and oranges.
    With a little bit of help from Mother Nature, the wedding theme will effectively plan itself. Your centre pieces, you could add a few petals of your favourite flower, or you could choose some coloured glass crystals to match your wedding colour scheme. As for you colour scheme, by basing the wedding theme on the flower, your colour scheme is already chosen. The flower based wedding colour scheme can also apply to your wedding car car-dressing, for example if you're basing the wedding theme around Hydrangeas, we could add pastel blue ribbons to the Groom's car, and a pastel purple/pink colour to the Bride's wedding car.
  • Garden Party.
    You could bring your wedding reception to live with a garden party theme, after all with lovely summer time weather, it would be a shame to not make the most of it.
    You could play exciting games outside with your family and friends. Perhaps you could rent a giant connect four game, a giant chess board, or maybe a big outdoor ping pong table so all of your wedding guests can enjoy themselves;think of all the great moments your professional wedding photographer will be able to capture.
  • Festival Themes.
    Lots of people have fond summer memories of going to music festivals, so why not recreate the magical moment on your special day.Have the wedding party gather together in a field under a marquee and celebrate the love between you and your partner. You could also finish the day with a performance from a live band, further adding to the festival theme and adding some musical magic to the evening.
  • Afternoon Tea.
    If you want something a little more refined but you still want to make the most out of the summer weather, how about a tea party? You'll be able to serve lots of delicious desserts and other cream cakes for your wedding reception, served on exquisite fine china alongside delicious cups of tea. With a menu as delicious as that, the only thing you'll have to worry about is people getting into arguments whether it's a scone or scone. Fresh strawberries, scones and clotted cream anyone?
  • Keep It Simple.
    Whilst some couples like going the extra mile on their special day, others prefer to keep things simple. For example, with regards to wedding car hire, instead of primarily choosing a car for the looks or the design, such as an old-fashioned car or even a horse-drawn carriage for a vintage wedding, why not choose a car with functionality that provides more than just a pretty photo? For example the BMW 7 Series in our fleet has exceptional legroom making it ideal for brides as the extra legroom means that brides with large wedding gowns can still relax in comfort, additionally this car also has climate control, so brides don't have to worry about their makeup getting ruined by a hot summer car journey to their wedding ceremony.

Another great example of how the theme of simplicity can be a fantastic wedding theme choice is the wedding cake. Instead of spending hours choosing different cake decoration styles looking at different types of icing and fondant; why not instead choose a 'naked cake'. These cakes are unapologetically cakes, instead of disguising themselves as something else hiding behind decorates and fondant; they stand proud in front of your wedding guests, which would be a great addition to a 'keep it simple' wedding.

Why Should You Choose Wedding Car Hire From LC Weddings?

There are lots of decisions to make with regards to planning your special day, so why should you choose wedding chauffeur services from LC Weddings? What makes our services so special?

Well,with us, you can enjoy luxury wedding transport with no hidden costs. Sometimes some wedding car hire services will charge extra for things like car dressing or decorations, however at LC Weddings our team will be happy to decorate the vehicle with ribbons in colours of your choice at no additional cost. We highly recommend that you only choose a wedding car hire service from a business that explains all the costs up front,that way you can make an informed purchase.

However,you shouldn't just take our word for it. Before you book any wedding chauffeur company, make sure that you read lots of reviews and testimonials so that you can make an informed decision.

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