As a premier provider of Wedding Chauffeurs in Reading, our team of passionate and dedicated chauffeurs work hard to provide couples with a relaxing transportation service to start their special day in as close to perfection as possible.

However, with so many different choices for transportation, how do you know which is right for you?

Choosing Your Wedding Transport

Should you choose something new and relaxing, or perhaps something older with more character for your wedding transport? There isn't a simple right or wrong answer, like everything else regarding your wedding; it's a decision of what is best for you and your partner. After all, it's your special day.

  • Something Old Fashioned
    Lots of people choose old fashioned cars for their wedding transportation. Indeed, if you are styling your wedding in a vintage or rustic style, a vintage vehicle might be the perfect way to start your special day. Additionally, when hired for a vintage or rustic styled wedding, vintage vehicles would be fantastic items of decoration for your photo album.

    However, it is important to note that there are disadvantages of using such old vehicles for your wedding transportation. Firstly as they are not new models of vehicles, they will likely not be equipped with many of the technological advancements which many of us have grown accustomed to, such as air conditioning or heating. This could be a significant issue for brides and grooms getting married in the winter or summer.
  • Something Modern
    Modern vehicles are also popular choices for wedding transport. For example, the German automotive brand BMW and their 7 Series, providing a comfortable ride with extra long legroom, ideal for brides with large wedding gowns. Additionally, bides won’t have to be concerned about the weather affecting their makeup as this vehicle is equipped with climate control.

    However, modern vehicles can also have their disadvantages. Whilst they are indeed very stylish and look fantastic in photos for a variety of different wedding themes, some vehicles such as the BMW 7 Series can only transport a limited number of passengers, in this case a maximum of four. As such, if you need to transport a large number of people perhaps the luxury MPV from Mercedes, the Vito, will meet your needs?

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