Organising a wedding this Spring? Here’s a few suggestions for wedding flowers, wedding themes, and of course wedding cars, so you can arrive in style via wedding chauffeur in Reading and enjoy your special day.

Suggestions For Spring Weddings

  • Wedding Flowers
    Two great choices for wedding flowers during the spring months are peonies and roses. The peony is available in a diverse range of different colours including red, coral, purple, yellow, and even white. The fluffy blooms of peonies have roots in ancient Greek mythology with the God Apollo, who according to myth used to turn nymphs into peonies if the goddess of beauty knew he was flirting with them.

    On the other hand, the soft and elegant rose has been associated with romance for hundreds of years. The bard William Shakespeare made an allusion to roses in his well known tragedy Romeo and Juliet, but the association between roses dates back even further. The goddesses of love for the ancient Greeks and Romans, Aphrodite and Venus were tied to the symbolism of the red rose.
  • Wedding Themes
    There are numerous great choices for designing your wedding theme in spring 2019. One option is to embrace technology and design a theme that reflects the technology in our 21st century lifestyles. For example, you could take advantage of the fact that many of us carry powerful cameras in our pockets everywhere we go; built into our Smartphones. By organising a wedding hashtag, you could call upon the skills of your wedding guests to craft a wedding photo album, allowing you to revisit your wedding at a later date and see the special day through the eyes of your wedding guests.

    Another thing to remember with regards to wedding themes is colour. In previous years, tradition played a major role in colour choice, however as we are now living in contemporary times, couples can ‘throw tradition out the window’ and choose the colours that they prefer; being fully able to express themselves through their choice of colour. Don’t limit yourself to white, ivory, and cream; unleash your inner creativity with blues, reds, oranges, or even metallic or pastel colours.
  • Wedding Cars
    When organising your wedding this spring, it’s very important that you choose the correct wedding transportation service for the bride and the groom. For example, you could choose the Mercedes E class which “can provide massage and aromatherapy to relax or sharpen your senses” [source]. However, if you’re searching for a more luxurious experience, the Mercedes S class is the top of the range and includes luxurious leather and metal features with sculpted seating.

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