When organising your wedding costs can quickly add up, so it's tempting to look at areas where you can save some cash, however how do you know if the deal you're getting is good value for money? Should you choose luxury car hire, or should you opt for a cheaper taxi service?

Should You Choose Luxury Car Hire For Weddings?

When organising your wedding, should you choose luxury car hire or should you opt for a cheaper taxi service instead? We would argue that a specialised car hire service for weddings is a necessity for wedding transport, however don't just take our word for it, here's what a couple from Derby said about their wedding, in which the groom ordered his wedding transport and his guest's wedding transport from a taxi company.

The couple in Derby claimed that a local taxi firm spoiled their wedding. When they booked a wedding taxi service, they imagined that the groom would be transported to the wedding in a luxurious car which was decorated with ribbons and that the drivers would be smartly dressed. However, according to the news report, the car appeared with no decoration and magnetic advertisements of the taxi brand attached to the doors. Additionally, the taxi was late and as such the groom arrived at the church at the same time as the bridesmaids.

Choosing A Wedding Chauffeur Service

There are numerous advantages of a wedding car hire service, however perhaps one of the more significant advantages is the level of peace of mind you can enjoy. All of the vehicles in our Reading fleet are less than two years old and are subjected to regular maintenance.

Additionally, with our luxurious wedding transportation services, you can decorate the car with ribbons in the colour of your choice, so your car can match the colour scheme.

So choose from a range of luxurious vehicles including a Mercedes E Class or the BMW 7 Series which is idea for brides thanks to its extra legroom and climate control.

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