When hiring a chauffeur for an event such as a wedding, it’s important to choose a reputable and trustworthy business. So what should you expect from a company when organising an event chauffeur in Reading?

Hiring A Chauffeur – 5 Things To Expect

1. Is There A Selection Of Vehicles To Choose From?

It’s important that a chauffeur company has a selection of vehicles to choose from. For example, if you need transportation for a large number of passengers, you need to know if the company has a fleet that is capable of meeting your transportation needs.

2. Are Their Drivers Talented And Well Dressed?

A chauffeur service is different than a taxi service. Whilst a taxi driver will take you from A-B, a chauffeur will provide a relaxing and personal service. The driver should be highly skilled and should be well dressed; after all being chauffeured is an experience.

3. Do They Provide A Tailored Service?

When searching for a chauffeur company in Reading to provide you with event chauffeuring, it’s important that the service is tailored to meet your unique needs. Consider the following things; would you prefer to take the scenic route? Would you like a newspaper at the start of your trip? Would you like a phone or device charger to keep your preferred device topped up?

Whatever your needs are, make sure that the chauffeur company you choose has the skills and expertise to cater for them.

4. Do They Have Knowledge Of The Local Area?

A chauffeur driver should be highly knowledgeable about the local area. If you’re hiring a chauffeur in Reading, you want a driver who understands how to navigate the local area and is aware of numerous alternative routes so that they can adapt to issues such as traffic or road works.

5. Are There Any Extra Costs?

When you hire a chauffeur for an event, it’s important to check if there any additional costs that you need to pay; for example any car decorations. If you choose a wedding chauffeur service from LC Weddings, our team will be happy to decorate the vehicle with ribbons in colours of your choice at no additional cost.

Event Chauffeuring In Reading From LC Weddings

We are a chauffeur business with many years of experience. We use our talents and expertise in order to provide our clients with high quality tailored chauffeur services. Additionally, all vehicles in our Reading fleet are less than two years old and are subjected to regular maintenance.

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