Spring and summer are the most popular seasons for couples to get married. It's no surprise really, considering the weather is (generally!) bright and breezy from April-August. With the seasons representing'new beginnings' (spring) and blossoming (summer) – it makes total sense that many couples choose these poetic times to get married.

When arranging things for the big day, it can be easy to get excited about choosing the right dresses, reception venue, decorations,flowers...the list may seem endless. As the service that gets people to and from the venue, wedding car hire is another important aspect of the big day to think carefully about.

Booking Your Wedding Car Hire

But DON'T WORRY! Arranging your wedding car hire needn't be stressful or difficult to arrange. If you know what you're booking, then this will take much worry and pressure away– leaving you to simply look forward to the day ahead.

As such, here are our tips on booking wedding car hire for your summer wedding:

1. How many people need to be transported? There'll obviously be at least two people who will need to be transported – but what about if you've got a large wedding party who all need a lift to and from the wedding venue? Providing them with transportation will make things easier for them and allow them to enjoy the day without having to worry about things such as working out routes and parking.Before making your booking, be sure of how many people will need to be transported.

2. What types of vehicle do you need? Once you're sure of how many people in your party will need transport, you'll be able to organise everyone into different sizes and types of vehicle. It goes without saying that those getting married will require a luxurious lift to the venue, for the wedding party, a larger executive vehicle will be able to cater for numbers and allow them to relax.

3. How long does the wedding car hire service run for? Different types of weddings will consist of different run times – even take place across various locations. This is why it's important to be sure of how long the car hire service runs for –will they be on call throughout the day or are they just booked to turn up at certain times?

4. Check for extra costs. Any wedding vehicle hire company worth their salt will be upfront and clear about any additional costs to their service – a fixed cost that won't suddenly expand after the wedding has taken place. Be sure that you're clear on the costs before you book.

5. Get confirmation of the plans – It's important that you're able to ensure that the wedding car hire company has received and understood your requests for the day – namely the times, location and addresses they need to visit.

6. Get a preview of the cars. Arranging a preview of the cars that will be used for the big day is always a great idea. As they'll be present in photos that will last for more than a lifetime, it's important that they look the part and are adequate for your requirements.

7. Cardressing? A cornerstone of most weddings, dressing the car with things like ribbons and flowers is a service that is carried out by most wedding vehicle hire companies. Check with the company to see if this is the case – they may also be able to arrange such items to your specifications, saving much time on the big day.

Wedding Vehicle Hire, From LC Weddings

When it comes to arranging wedding car hire, the team here at LC Weddings are able to lay on a completely customisable service that will fill all of your requirements and more. Having been working in the wedding car industry for some time now, we have gained a reputation and experience that allows us to offer the perfect service for our clients.

Our wedding vehicle fleet has been sourced from a selection of top manufacturers and all of them being less than two years old, will ensure that they are in fantastic condition. Each of our cars are also subjected to regular maintenance and checks, which offers further assurance that you'll experience only comfort and luxury when you travel with us.

Furthermore, we endeavour to employ only the most exceptional and personable wedding chauffeurs who aside from setting the right image by being smartly dressed (perfect for those photos!), also offer that reassuring presence that will put any of your nerves at ease. Not just that,but our drivers also study the planned routes and along with the aid of the latest GPS systems, are able to monitor live routes, changing the plan if needed, in order to get you to where you going on time, with no hassle.

Need To Learn More About Our Wedding Chauffeur Service? Get In Touch!

Our friendly team are able to put your mind at rest and answer any queries you may have – we can even arrange to decorate your car and be clear on each and every aspect of the day. So, if you have any questions,please feel free to fire away! Why not browse our testimonials page to see what our past clients thought about our service?

If you would like further information about our wedding car hire, or our services in general, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team today.

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