Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. So make sure that everything goes smoothly, from your arrival at the ceremony, to your departure from wedding reception.

This means, professional, reliable, and trustworthy wedding transportation with a Wedding Chauffeur company is essential.

Why You Need A Wedding Chauffeur

There are lots of different transportation services that you could choose from for your special day. With horse-drawn carriages, old-fashioned cars, and lots of other methods of transport available, why should you opt for chauffeur travel?

  • A Service You Can Count On

We live in a digital age where all the information we could ever want is being bombarded at us. So it's no doubt that the internet is full of horror stories about their weddings being ruined by issues ranging from small mishaps to large catastrophes.

For example, with regards to wedding transport, you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and reliably, creating the image look that you want.If you choose a professional wedding chauffeur service, you'll be able to choose your car and depending on the company you might have various different wedding car dressing options available. For example at LC Weddings, we are happy to provide ribbons in a colour of your choice at NO additional cost.

On the other hand, if you choose alternative method of transport for your wedding, you might not receive the same quality of service. For example, a couple in Derby claimed that
local taxi firm spoiled their wedding. They thought a luxurious car decorated in ribbons would drive the groom to the ceremony venue; however according to the couple, the car appeared with no wedding decorations, instead there were magnetic advertisements of the taxi brand attached to the doors.Additionally, the taxi was late and as such the groom arrived at the church at the same time as the bridesmaids.

  • Customise The Service To Fit Your Unique Style

Your wedding is your special day, so it's important that it looks like your day. After all, we all have our own personal tastes, opinions, and preferences, so what works for one couple might not work for another. Professional wedding transport companies, unlike other alternative travel methods can provide tailored services to ensure that the unique needs of the bride and groom are met.

After all, there are lots of different options available to couples on their special day. For example, those searching for a vintage and old-fashioned method of transportation could arrive at their wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. However, this style of transportation doesn't suit everyone; some would prefer an elegant and stylish chauffeur experience. After all, the carriage wouldn't have air conditioning or climate control, unlike the BMW 7 Series in our fleet which has extra long legroom and climate control. Providing brides with room for their long wedding gowns and peace of mind with their makeup thanks to the climate control.

  • The Experience
It's your special day, so everything needs to be perfect. You deserve to be given the full VIP treatment from the very moment you wake up on your wedding day, to the moment you say goodbye and begin your life together as a married couple.

Here at LC Weddings, we don't just take you to and from your wedding ceremony and reception venues, we provide wedding transportation experiences. With luxurious and elegant cars powered by reliable German engineering, you'll enjoy a new level of luxury whilst being chauffeured by us. You could choose the Mercedes E class and enjoy “massage and aromatherapy to relax or sharpen your senses"[source], or perhaps you could opt for the top of the range Mercedes S Class and enjoy the elegant and prestigious sculpted seats, with genuine leather and metal interior.

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