4 Things to Consider When Organising Wedding Transport

Organising your wedding is a lot of fun, but with many things to plan or account for, it can sometimes get stressful. So here's a quick list of 4 things to consider when organising your wedding chauffeur services, to help take some weight off your shoulders.

1. Decide What Cars You'll Be Arriving In

Wedding transportation is very important, it makes sure that all important individuals arrive on time and in style. With the initial transportation service, the bride and groom will likely be arriving in two separate vehicles, so it's important to choose vehicles that meet the unique needs of the individual being chauffeured. For example, if the bride has a long wedding gown, it might be a good idea to choose a car that has a lot of leg room, for example the BMW 7 Series, this vehicle is also fantastic for brides who are concerned about their makeup as the en-board climate control helps to provide a consistent temporary whilst en-route to the wedding ceremony venue.

2. Choose Your Getaway Car

Choosing your getaway car is another important step of organising your wedding transportation. Whilst many couples will arrive separately on their special day, often the bride and groom will leave together at the end of their wedding reception to begin their lives together as a married couple. As such, it's important that you choose the correct car for your romantic getaway. For example, do you see yourselves leaving in a vintage automobile, a horse drawn carriage, or perhaps a stylish and more modern vehicle such as the Mercedes S Class?

3. Head Count Of Passengers

It's essential that you consider how many people need transportation to the wedding. This includes family and attendants such as parents of the bride and groom, siblings, ushers, bridesmaids, etc. Making ahead count of guests is very important so you know how many MPVs you need to hire. For example, the Mercedes Vito MPV can carry up to 7 wedding guests in luxury.

4. Consider Where Guests Will Park

Not all guests will be travelling with the wedding party, some will be driving themselves. So it's important that you consider where they can park.

This could be as simple as talking to a site manager who manages the wedding venue to give information regarding parking. This information can then be passed on to your guests so they can quickly and conveniently park their cars before the wedding ceremony.

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